Home Tech review Watch Out For These Hiring is the fintech industry

Watch Out For These Hiring is the fintech industry

Watch Out For These Hiring is the fintech industry

If you are a career professional with a safe and clear career goal when making a big difference in the ground, the fintech industry is exactly where you should be.

The Indian fintech sector, now considered to have a market value of about $ 50 billion and, despite its size, experienced a 22% CAGR (Compound Growth Annual) – about 3 times the rate of growth in Indian GDP.

However, as digital devices that use digital technology across India are growing rapidly, digitalization can be an emotional giant tip.

But making entry to the technology fart faster and faster is not as easy as you think. To enter the industry, you not only need to be credible, but also have the right skills and a good approach.

Therefore, this is the highest hierarchical trend in the Indian fintech sector to help you better prepare for project applications, and become an integral part of this new technology giant.

Mobile Technology

The increase in mobile transactions in 2017 is one of the main events of the year, especially when examined by consumers. India is now the number two smartphone market and only in China due to the term usage of smartphones.

This development improves the development of mobile users base and develops, thus making financial players also follow their settings.

Trend in smart phone usage for broad banking and financial purposes and is expected to reach $ 92 billion in 2019.

So, including mobile-related technology skills at CV, you can add side to your profile. Also, most people in the telecommunications & banking fiction field and if available, can help the project application crisis.

Blockchain technology will find a more dominant role:

Although cryptocurrency was banned in India, the Indian Government itself developed blockchain development – the real technology developed for crypto transactions – for many use cases.

This is more because it helps in saving and saving everything from money, property, and royalty to ideas, copyrights, and more.

All this while completing the process, making the time efficient and cost effective, also eliminates the intermediary of this equation. This drives fintek players to find the most profound human resource in blockchain technology.

In recent days, the block plan has clearly embarked on a financial services industry with a more dominant role. However, technology is still in the slick area and you have to provide it sufficiently before doing so.

Change the dynamic field

This millennium generation is now a beauty in labor dynamics and is also equipped with ‘adapting mentality’.

They are more accommodating than flexible working hours, dynamic work environments, and innovative approaches to board processes.

This competition is also more open to career-based career advancement. But why is this development important to you? Because these trends are wider in the fintech sector and gradually replace the nature of work here.

Therefore, competition in cutting is the norm in the industry and radical thinking is one of the main policies. Try to develop these features in your own body if you see that you need to mix with fintech in the future.

If you are a woman, do not be afraid of gender tendencies seen among other sectors such as gender neutral physics industry and have a good sex balance. It’s your only important skill here and nothing can stop you!

Challenges about cyber security

Traditional companies, banking and financial services have been hesitant when building new technologies. This is due to the security of the security environment as well as the privacy of the system.

There are some unnecessary times, including violations of Equifax, Bangladesh SWIFT, violation of the Hitachi Payment Service, and so on. While this incident adds eyebrows to security, it also paves the way for you to prove your spirit by helping to overcome the available cyber security challenges.

This creates a cyber security capability as an asset to you during a work interview that will arrive at a fintech company.


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