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This CEO Quit His Corporate are credited $650 Billion

This CEO Quit His Corporate are credited  $650 Billion

After spending more than two and a half years in the financial services sector and building various businesses within the portfolio of Religare, it is a great move to Shachindra Nath to start its own business.

Former CEO of Religare Group is very happy about building a business that will solve SME credit issues in India. However, unlike any other CEO, Nath did not choose the traditional way to start, then the fintek company.

However, to start an entrepreneurial journey – he began studying NBFC. After recording the five NBFC recordings, Nath could be Chokhani Market and renovated as Ugro Capital, where he bought as the capital of INR 8500m (QIPs as, mas and HNI) on senior board and management.

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Explaining the entrepreneurial experience with Indian Entrepreneur, Nath said that we are busy working for a company, we have no infrastructure and ecosystem to support us. But if you start your company, but your own marketing or network experience, you.

Second, when you see credit in your bank account every more than 20 years and realize that it will not happen a few years later, it’s very unnerving. ”

Additionally, financial services are a sector of growth for countries like India and Nath considers themselves to have more financial services market experience.

“In my previous career I became instrumental in building two insurance companies, a large asset management company and the NBFC. When I looked at more widely available markets for what to do and where the majority of the board capital would come – NBFC has,” she added.

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The real SME credit gap in India. The segment accounts for about 30 percent of the country’s GDP, but the capital bridge in the sector is USD 650b.

Nath, who wants to build a company from Ugro Capital to address the needs of India’s UMKM credit, believes that there is a gap in the sector because of the borrowing credit organization that does not know the bottom line and the operational nature as well.

“Historically, UKM has become an unstable sector, traditional banks lend reports, balance sheets, and so on.

” In the organizational structure that does not have the challenge format for banks, NBFC and us, “he said when adding,” Yen you only see the numbers reported, you will not be able to repay this SME, but if there is a way to define income, growth potential, nature and business behavior, then we will be able to pay back. ”

In other words, entrepreneurs say that it’s all about finding cash flows for the borrowers and how they can provide and generate money.

“You have to plan your organization according to customer or request, then build the ability to issue loans according to her,” he said.


In the present age, where every third fintech company supports MSME, Nath is not interested in developing dotcom and selling companies for several years.

Sharing the vision for Ugro, he said, “We will be like technology that is supported as a startup of other folks, but we want to build a business continuously so that the listed company makes sense.”

Additionally, technology can only solve data-driven problems. The problem with SMEs is that almost no data is organized.

However, with GST and some other initiatives, it can be replaced. “So, using only technology – you can not build a measurable platform, you have to use a combination of technology and human justice, this is our approach,” he said.

Now is the time to build the technology platform, which can combine each fart on the same platform.

“One of the advantages that will come from other NBFCs now – a generation that has FinTech startups and thus, we can integrate with them.” Considering we’re starting, we will partner with them enough to suffer.


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