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Do You Know Your about your cyber risk


Compromi’s e-commerce business is a small business, as it is a target of phishing companies with minimal process, protocol and protection in very small places to have a lot of cybersecurity security.

According to the FBI Internet Crime Center Crime Center, compromised email business is more than $ 675 million in leakage in 2017, so Jun’s capture of 74 cyber warriors in the United States and abroad is a win for big and small enterprises.

There is already a cyber group already taken offline, there are dozens. Later this year, the US House Committee in Small Business warned small businesses singing and capturing and resisting the most fierce, and ever-increasing threats.

Additionally, the expert committee said there was a reason to believe the hacker would continue to be a small business target now.

Cyber ​​crime effects penetrate

In March, New Yorkers claimed to be free to release Virginia-based association more than $ 1 million.

They use a classic business tactics compromise email, for example imitating the address e-mail from a well-known seller and getting trading trades to send the victim’s payment to a new account. Of course, this scheme works – at least once.

Why can he lure the association trade?

BEC is a form of phishing, a cyber fraud that requires users to make sure the email is not legitimate. While security will be able to view and improve the email, and the largest organization is in the place.

In contrast, smaller organization budgets, better issues, smaller ones, and non-cybersecurity issues can be a bigger priority. As a result, some small businesses have on-site protocols, procedures and protections for fake emails.

Small businesses need to act quickly to step-by-step security against threatening e-mail compromises because according to Business Services Financial First, 38 percent of the victims of SMBs in all industries. This way of attacking is unclear, so taking precaution is the safest bet.

Security is harmful on a limited budget

Just because a small business knows if there is a risk of cyberattacks that can not be utilized to protect the security of cybersecurity. Fortunately, throwing better does not matter as a smart dump.

The intended protection may not even attack every attack, but can overcome the most common and most expensive. To give priority to the security business, focus your efforts on the following steps:

 Enable standard authentication email.

Emails mainly denied to falsify and keep safety primarily because users are confident and secure into the inbox. The e-mail business and phishing business compromise often sends mostly spoof, but applying authentication standards can protect spoofing.

Start by entering the address verification email address standard. This includes the Sender’s Framework Policy, MailKomponen DomainKeys and Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. You can not use your business to run a standard confirmation email.

 Touch to an outside expert.

Standard senders are effective, but also complex enough to retain and maintain. If security companies are easy, the FBI will not receive more than 4 million internet crimes between 2000 and 2017. For small businesses, the best solution is to find a trusted provider or partner who provides useful tools to help with the implementation of the standard.

Cyber ​​fraud is designed to match common security measures, and applying a standard authentication sender does not guarantee if the inbox is a free threat.

Ensuring coated safety includes impersonating filtering to identify the domain of one dead character from the trusted domain.

Also, create an email that can hide emails that look like internal users. Take approach approach in identification of several techniques used in BEC attacks.

 Create a process to set the cable transfer.

Confirm the legitimacy of each cable or change to the payment address. Call an individual or a verified telephone number. Do not use contact information from the network email that made the request.

 Teach the user.

Despite all the technology provided, the user remains a critical defensive line. Those with more risk and knowing the threat, are more likely to be able to check out different email messages and behaviors.

5 Points to Consider is choosing new ecomerce


Consumers are aware of the business to provide us with ease of use, efficiency and payment processing. The most important thing is in every country, about two-thirds of the population of 52 major countries who want to have smartphones in 2018, as it is included by Zenith Media.

Unfortunately, as NFIB research, many small companies still can not use digital solutions. One of the major companies helps small and large businesses with software, and we are always facing old system problems and are not reliable and no suitable software, including e-commerce options.

While this may not be as useless topic, research proves that there is still a pick-up and a slowdown for digital solutions.

When there are various variables that can be considered when displaying an e-commerce channel, the important decision to make is choosing a payment system.

As shown in this Baymard article, checkout issues are among the main reasons why online buyers cancel purchases. Customers consider the friction experience.

It’s time for small businesses to use digital solutions. These are the five factors you should consider when choosing how to combine e-commerce into your business.

Customer preference

There are various payment methods and solutions available. However, supporting all available methods can be expensive and impractical. The best way to get this approach is to help you with the ultimate customer base method.

This can be based on geography. For example, Americans usually use cards as a source of funding even with digital wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay.

Certain parts of Europe such as Nordic enjoy using bank accounts.

Mobile payment solution uses Chinese as WeChat and Alipay. Other parts of Asia still choose to make a bill.

Options can also be based on your audience and niche. Age of employees must have certain financial levels and will have access to bank accounts and credit cards.

The payment service can help you to support it in all these ways but keep in mind that the level of service that has several payment methods comes at a cost. If you do a smaller operation, try to prioritize support for a market-preferred method.

 Press technology

Try niche as well as grow. There are many demographics like making money investing in Bitcoin and Ether. Due to the lack of a way to replace cryptocurrency for local currency, these people are trying to spend it.

This creates opportunities for you to enter this market. Services like Paybear can help support payments on Bitcoin and other altcoins.

However, repayment of cryptocurrency payments has no challenge, and after that the value of kriptocurrency may also vary. For example, Bitcoin can take a second snap on a single trading day.

Projects such as T.OS develop emblem-based block blocks that can be plagued into local currencies. Like “stabilcoins” that prevent these values ​​even though the cryptographic market exists, so it can be used for trading.

This option allows you to handle crypto payments while reducing the risk of volatility.

Logistics and payment developments have enabled trade to grow. So, if you want to expand the market in front of or outside of the country, you will receive the place’s preferred method.

 Security of the transaction

Security is always a concern for any money and customer data. The payment service provider must be the person who can meet the standard policy.

Make sure the supplier interacts with the following industry standards such as Standard PCI when you receive a card-funded payment.

Fraud and refund are also a problem. Criminals often use stolen credit cards to buy online. If you work with fake orders, you may be left with the cost of goods as well as the vessels as card cards sometimes beat the cardholders in disagreement cases.

Preventing fraud protection and chargebacks may be available with payment providers, but you often charge an additional fee for those services.

One of the advantages of receiving crypto payments is that the transaction can be irreversible and final, which eliminates exposure to debt reparation.


How Young Teachers are changing mordern guru


The ancient Indian education system of India is based on the medical philosophy that falls into the intensive science environment and practical learning.

The home based education system provides learning adaptation and adaptation to students, focusing on skills development.

These include the elements of spiritual, mental, emotional and prosperity, thus creating young individuals who are willing to oppose the challenges of life.

However, pursuing the occupation of India, the educational system developed into a more structured and theory-based curriculum system, where many subjects were made, but in silo, the children were wrapped in four class walls, with the most focused focus on practicing subject to the real world.

With India’s advance in the curve determined over the last decade, teachers developed into two categories.

Those who work for six to eight hours, continue to speak and do good. And other categories of teachers, who believe in teaching are ways to contribute to nation building. He loves to teach, and wants to change the society with his thoughts.

He is well acquainted with Chanakya

one of India’s philosophers and professors, who believe that the future of human generation lies in the hands of teachers and teachers. Teachers are very motivated and self motivated. It inspires children to dream great dreams and make a lasting impression on their souls.

Teaching is a unique and comfortable profession that requires people to take heart, soul and mind. With digital advances and technology, there are many online learning machine tools, which provide information, but not knowledge.

And information can be misinterpreted, but uneducated.

Therefore, teachers will always be replaced by machines, as they are developing the nation’s future, by formulating the thinking and action of the younger generation, which will contribute substantially to the nation’s economic development.

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, at the special address of Teachers In 2014, it is clear that the student is the identity of the teacher, and it is the teacher who will make the future generation of India.

For the most part, teachers do not stop at four school walls, but one can find teachers in their parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and lectures.

In fact, every individual at one stage of life plays a role as a teacher and influences people’s lives, whether students at school, children at home, friends or colleagues at work, and so on.

Therefore, teaching is a process of life, in which there is a unique emotional relationship between the teacher and the student, which can not be understood but only visible to the individual, then.

However, in the current Indian learning model, students and teachers can not build emotional relationships and all focus is on refining the syllabus and giving high marks on the exam.

However, the Government.

India has recently set up an Atink Tinkering Labs learning model in high school. This lab provides different micro cultures, giving children the freedom to work with whatever they want. Tinkering labs are free from standard teaching pedagogy.

Teachers are encouraged to set their own themes for the issues they are facing, thus providing children with learning skills in the 21st century in the workforce, analyzing and critical, solving problems, by ‘learning by doing’ intruders.

Labs encourage children from different age groups to work on teams to identify a variety of issues and develop innovative solutions, leading to a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach.

The program begins with the most successful Finnish education system in the world, emphasizing self-methodology.

This system allows the flexibility for teachers to explore new pedagogia and manage like the needs of students. The role of transformational teacher becomes more mentor.

The system believes in promoting cooperation and competition.

Students can choose interesting areas and learn the different perspectives of science, mathematics, and different social sciences, giving the freedom to grow as individuals.

There is also a similarity to the Indian Gurukul education system, where teaching methods are based on practical hands-on exercises, exposure to real-world situations, reasoning and questions. The ancient Gurukul system focuses on individual development, more than the theoretical subjects.

These Entrepreneurs are making AI better


What are the navigation apps like Waze, music reference services like Pandora or digital assistants such as Siri, you have used artifact intelligence in your everyday life.

in Reading created by Teads

AI has also been touted as a new must for business, for all of its customer service for marketing for IT. However, for all uses, AI also has a dark part. In some cases, algorithm trends.

These examples may resemble failures, such as Google’s facial recognition tool to generate black faces as gorillas or algorithms used by law enforcement to predict the recidivism that does not give color to people.

Even more subtle.

During Beauty.AI organizes an online competition that uses algorithms on a regular basis, the majority of the “winners” shine.

Search Google for images of “unprofessional hair” and the results that will be seen for many black women photos (even looking for “people” or “women” who make images of white people).

While there are still many findings highlighted in this issue, there is no problem faced enough in the wider field of public technology, especially in research at universities or government agencies and law enforcement who run the AI.

“Results, bias, yen not addressed, become Achilles helicopters” which ultimately kill intelligence, “said Chad Steelberg, CEO of Veritone.” You can not have a machine where the assumptions and suggestions of the world have been printed in a way that makes the decision non-actionable.

From a basic economic perspective and trust if you want AI to become strong components for the future, you should address this problem. ”

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in our lives every day, there are now small communities but many entrepreneurs, data scientists and researchers who deal with biased issues in AI. I would say some people to learn more about the challenges and solutions that can be done.

In early 2010, Cathy O’Neil worked as an expert in advertising technology, a building algorithm that defines what happens to ad users while searching the web.

Inputs for calculus include information that does not correspond to what the user uses or what type of computer is owned.

However, O’Neil realized he actually created a user’s demographic profile. If there are sex and no explicit input race, O’Neil’s algorithm differentiates to certain background users, as per the other instructions.

When O’Neil started talking to colleagues in another industry

he found this as the standard of practice. This biased algorithm not only determines what the user represents, but is also a more important decision, as described or what people will be approved for credit cards. (The observation was first reviewed and endorsed by O’Neil and so on.)

In addition, in some industries – for example, if humans need to make decisions based on specific specific specificities, it is likely to be illegal because of anti-discrimination laws.

However, since the algorithm determines, gender and race are not explicitly as a factor, it is considered that the decision is unfair.

“I have left [world] financially because I want to do better than take advantage of the system just because I can,” O’Neil said.

“I’m typing this uninformed knowledge data, I just think of this way rich financial means have been done, but people are still thinking of all that’s good in 2012. Those who make the world better.”

O’Neil walked away from his project.

They write a book, Mathematical Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatened Democracy, about the dangers of releasing open world algorithms, and start consultations.

Overall, he looks special: audit algorithm.

“I must confess that it may not be possible 2014 or 2015 that I see this as a business opportunity,” said O’Neil.

Prior to the 2016 elections, the fact was that he came across O’Neil Risk Consulting & Auditing Algorithmic (ORCAA).

“I started because I thought that even those who wanted to perform unfair practices would not know how to do it,” said O’Neil. “I do not know, I have no good advice to give them.” However, they want to know.

So, what is meant for an audit algorithm?

“The highest level of response to what is meant to improve our definition is what is meaningful for the algorithm,” O’Neil said.


Preparing Entrepreneurs for the upcoming movement


Not all of us read the news that often says the word “IIT startup” or “IIT graduate”? Well, this is not for nothing. Students from IIT run first, if not all, the most successful in India. In the building corridor, there is a new idea given almost every day.

And in this entrepreneurial spirit, IIT Bombay continues to organize events and competitions based on entrepreneurship.

Now he’s back with Eureka !, Asia’s largest Business Model Competition hosted by Bombay-IIT Entrepreneurship.

The idea behind Eureka! is to encourage students and young entrepreneurs to create ideas and form a global company.

During a 5-month educational experience, designed to complete the initial fundraising process, including creating Model B for investors, the competition helped shape entrepreneurs tomorrow.

Employer Building

Competition creates entrepreneurial spirit in the participants, helping them to think and work as founders. For Amol Manjrekar, Founder & CEO of Activatas, Eureka! What a great competition from two perspectives:

False, Activatas has been associated with E-Cell, IITB for the last 7 years. They see the best companies from IITB and Eureka. Second, Eureka male type! Attracts not only businessmen but also panels in Eureka! big.

According to him, the main factor at the beginning was the Troops and the scale. “There are many beginners who have founders or where there are many bad founders.

The right blend of two or three is very important, when it comes to scales, the beginners can not think of the local market to the global market. Do not build a company just for India- think at Dina 1’s global level, “he said. Me

Here’s how the entrepreneur goes through three phases:

Explained: This is a Pre-Eureka Workshop. Through an intense six-hour session presented to provide knowledge through brainstorming, BMC and workshops, this workshop illustrates the idea of ​​entrepreneurship.

Online & Offline Mentor Meeting: The top 80 teams are semi-final and each team is assigned a mentor by box. The first Lean methodology workshop is under way to help semi-finalists come with Minimal Productivity (MVP).

Pitching: It was the last day of all the field finalists in front of the jury to acknowledge the winning title. Pitching takes place at Summit E.

Eureka! For many years

IIT-Bombay has been successful in supporting entrepreneurship for students over the years through events, conferences, and competitions. Eureka! Not only competition, it is the process of making the idea an effort.

Saurabh Kaushik, founder of Indian Peoplist believes that Eureka is a global entrepreneurial event, encourages, empowers and empowers entrepreneurs with successful entrepreneurship.

Throughout the year, he was also mentor of the team.

“The value of interacting with our team can connect with and identify strong startups that can help explain, customers and money faster. My hope is that we can interact with other startups and want them to come better this year,” he said. .

Eureka was originally dated 20 years ago. In all exponential development this year from the popularity of Eureka, this competition has grown from 50 teams competing for 50,000 INRs for the competition which now earns more than 10,000 participants who can play for 5,000,000 prizes.

With the vision of introducing business and social innovation, they have two basic tracks:

Eureka! Business: Trademarks from Eureka !, Business trips to help develop ideas into potential businesses to create the world. Winners receive INR 5.00,000 prizes when runners receive INR 3.00,000 cash prizes.

Eureka! Social: Eureka! Social support ideas and B-Models are those who apply at the bottom of the pyramid and / or more energized tomorrow. Winners will be awarded the RMR 2,000 awards while the runner gets a prize of Rp1,000,000.

Registrar: Eureka! Registration 2018 has started on 25 August. People can visit ecell.in/eureka and fill in the questionnaire .