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One of the Biggest Issues and the lack of ability scale


As the world economy continues to grow, we need to develop digital infrastructure to speed up the speed and volume in which we deliver information. Infrastructure data needs to be searched and can be distributed as the needs of our digital age continue to grow.

Though the blockchain as a “new kid on the block,” has been a fun business of the world. Based on surveys conducted by Gartner, 66 percent of respondents stated that the blockchain was a disturbing business and 5 percent had paid more than $ 10 million on the technology.

Blockchain uses and immigration; However, the first major application that has been seen is through cryptocurrency. However, the initial currency kriptoc was not built for general use and use.

For Bitcoin and Ethereum to compete with mainstream systems such as Visa and PayPal, you need to upgrade the game with transaction time.

When published by Coindesk’s trading company, “When PayPal manages 193 transactions per second and Visa manages 1,666 transactions per second, Ethereum requires 20 transactions per second, while Bitcoin generates seven transactions per second.Only so that numbers can be improved if they act on scalability. ”

Scalability resistance made by mining

When mastering Bitcoin and Ethereum, transactions are only given when miners (people whose computers are processed under the currency) impose data transactions on mined blocks.

Let’s say Stephen wants to send Andrew 10 BTC (bitcoin). He will send the transaction data to the miners, traders will enter the block and the transaction will be completed.

However, when Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, this process becomes more time-consuming. Plus, there are transaction fee issues. As miners were blocked, he became the guard of the block.

In order for the transaction to be removed, the user will need to pay the toll to the driver. This “toll” is referred to as a fee transaction. This is the cost of making a problem when stepping up to make additional barriers.

What about Ethereum? In theory, Ethereum is supposed to process 1,000 transactions per second. However, Ethereum is limited by the closing of 6.7 million gas – the number of business computations required on the transaction receiver side – in each block.

How about knowing what other “gas” is. Stephen struck a smart contract with Andrew. Andrew sees that the element in the contract will charge the gas X.

So, he will issue Stephen about the amount of gas used. It may destroy your friends borrowing cars and making them repay the amount of gas used when they make it.

The problem has not yet been seen, as it has not been available until now. Ethereum exploded in popularity around December 2017 through a game called CryptoKitties (where users buy digital cats and lift them).

The popular game here is scalability, like a singer that is documented in this Mashable article.Here are some terms you should know about block block blocking.


Sharding is a split block verification process and operates a sub committee to compile completed compilation data. Zilliqa as a platform using sharding.

It has been done to handle 2,400 per-second transactions with a goal that aims to average an average of 8,000 transactions per second, according to The-Blockchain.

Despite the most important singing, Zilliqa responded with eagerness to improve usability as the network improves with size, rather than Bitcoin being clogged with transactions. With a node size equivalent to Ethereum, Zilliqa can handle twice the Visa transaction per second.

Hard fork

When the platform is very far from its initial beginnings, it is termed “a tough fork.” Before printing a decentralized organizational autonomy in the Ethereum network (where $ 53 million cryptocurrency crowdfunded was “stolen,” as reported by Bitcoin.com).

The Ethereum takes a dangerous fork to finish the money and continues as Ethereum Classic, when the existing path still blocks the original as Ethereum.

Bitcoin has provided more products within a block, which means that the software is new and does not fit the other and produces incorrect output. Bitcoin has been pricked beforehand, such as Bitcoin Cash, and something more designed for the year.

Separated witness

The all-steel bitcake will combine SegWit (gentle singles of Segregated Witness), designed to tackle the problem.

How Chatbots Are Changing the ux better


If you want to grow your business, add chatbot to the key of the site. Think of all the messaging services you use everyday; This is the best way to communicate with many of us. According to eMarketer, 63 percent of the subscribers reviewed, he would prefer to return to the site they are visiting live chat.

And what makes sense: Being able to help your customers by answering real-time fire inquiries can not be determined, and chatbots can now communicate just as humanly to build a secure relationship between you and your customers. However. . . Is your chatfly able to do more?

In the meantime I’m on the web site and can not show you how it works, so I ask for a site chatbot. I’m carefully telling: Go to the menu, choose a password account, choose “settings” and widget options on the right.

But what if the bot, instead of telling me how to enable the settings, can only be done for me? And this is down.

Once the service level has become the norm, chatbots will change the user experience (UX) in a good way. Here’s how chatbots replace UX better.

Fixed onboarding customers

Chatbots can dramatically improve the above customer experience for companies offering products or services that come with learning curves.

Each user can not determine how to use your service, they will be able to chat with chatbot at any time to troubleshoot quickly. And the result will reduce the customer’s business.

For example, Heek is a chatbot that can build all websites for you to follow the user’s preferences.

Not only does chatbots allow you to troubleshoot problems for users, you will also be able to create users that record unrecognized features offered.

Many times the site has many choices that will be confused and only use some of the features available.

With chatbot, you can make your customers aware of all the great features you offer and how they can be used effectively. That ability will provide your customers with the maximum of your products.

Dig into transactions and back up products

You want to be perfect for users to buy from you. Users can browse your site but not exactly what you want; In that case, you can use chatbots to harm users to losses.

With chatbots, your customers do not want to surf your site and do not search for what you are looking for, or fill out a long form for the order.

A chatbot can communicate with customers in a clear and friendly way to determine what they want and recommend selected products to choose from. And he will not leave the conversation to complete the sequence as well.

1-800-Flowers is an example

It uses chatbot to take easy customer orders, request a choice flower and give a celebration of festivities and greetings to recipients.

Actually, 1-800-Flowers reports that 70 percent of orders come through new customer chatbot. When buying from your company is easy, your sales will go through the roof.

Add value from your service

If you can give more with your customers, you’ll be back to you again. You can use chatbots to solve problems reducing users and increasing the value of products or services in a variety of ways.

For example, chatbot under the Roof AI name, created for real estate agents, provides users with their own real estate agents who can share lists under options and budgets and can start selling without customers to make calls.

Another great example includes learning language app, Duolingo. Employer Duolingo asked the company to practice conversation conversations learned from its application, so that the company made a conversation booth that allowed users to try new skills.

If you want to grow your business, use chatbot to provide users with added value that will make life easier and keep you out of competition.

5 Ways Manufacturers can make countership


Product enhancements in counterfeit products have created a negative impact on world markets. As India is concerned, though it has tremendous business potential, as a significant market for counterfeit products.

Counterfeiting is spread across all sectors / industries such as pharma, retail, FMCG, and others. Ti toothpaste for aspirin and high-end handbags, fake anywhere.

Problems arise if the company fails to calculate this market and collects the last user data, and can not see the distribution network.

False markets in India have reached up to 40,000 RTS in the regulated sector. The market to cheat the world is around $ 1.6 trillion, and spend around $ 204 billion annually to tackle this problem.

Here are five ways, manufacturers can use technology to counterfeit counterfeiting.

Technology Based on Blockchain

Blockchain has generated many inventors and expectations among people. It’s a great concept and solves the purpose of securing transactions and detail contracts between participation.

However, to protect such needs or transactions it needs to be supported by proof of work. General blockblocks without proof-works are made as fragile systems, so the use of cost blocks can not be economically applied so as to be used for practical cases except for significant product ticket sizes ($ 10K or more) and all parties ready to be ready for overhead technology.

Also, blockchain itself alone can not solve the problem of copying the code for verification. You need to use technologies like AI, and other smarter ways to find duplicate code decoding.

There are personal blocks that can cope with proof work with some of the consequences of calculus, but will be excessive and unnecessary overhead technology using blockchain for product validation purposes in most cases.

Reinforcing the problem of copying the validation code by a counterfeiter should be handled as an additional blockchain of the technology.

RFID is a very expensive solution.

The RFID reader is required to read the code installed on the RFID chip, but anyone reading can read and modify the code.

The label can be read only by reading RFID, so it is difficult for the buyers to check the original product. But there are some NFC tags that many smartphones can read, but they also face problems falsified by counterfeiters.

Micro Tags

Micro-tag is mainly used in Pharmaceuticals. These tags are very small, can be watched and can be punched on the pill. Simplification solutions quickly tag micro, but specialized equipment is needed to relieve the pill so ultimately the user can not think about it.

Authentication QR code uses smartphones

This solution is very popular. Many settlement providers offering QR labels / labels. The tag can be scanned using any smartphone that is easier for end users to check the original product.

Common users are directed to the API or website products in the marker. The lack of a QR code is that people can copy and forge fake products, and counterfeit products will get validation, no matter what you write using 1024 DPI or how to print more or more paper-level.

It is only a QR code that will be converted to alphanumeric code which is then used by the backend to validate.

However, the QR code used in the tracking and monitoring system is not capable of capturing counterfeiting unless supported by some system monitors or AIs to check for Anomalies and other features.

The moderator solution provides a scanned QR code after purchasing the tag. So my buyer can not check the authenticity of the product before making a purchase.

AI supports Smart Technology

AI makes the tag provide a weak and effective solution. The solution is to use semi-open code algorithmically arranged. The buyer can see the opening part of the tag to check the product of originality with a certain probability.

After they purchase the product, they can open a delightful and scannable section to be supposed to be original for the product.

In the backend, technology that delayed and detected systems based on AI’s anomalies always saw the activity of scan protected tags and open tags.

Once the protected label is scanned, all matching open tags will be rejected. The system also improves the RED flag for abnormal pattern scanners or anomalies.

How AI is Changing The changing the face content in future AI


While many organizations and sectors align AI solutions for the first time, an industry has improved the algorithm and the completion of artificial intelligence – Media.

Large players in the media have managed to use personalization and smart algorithms for some time. Sharing a great appetite for the media industry for AI, Ted Sarandos, Head of Content at Netflix, said, “We have deliberately shown no personal brand mix.”

But the AI ‚Äč‚Äčapplication in the media is not just limited to content personality. The media team must handle the manual process for all – rather than providing media to create multi-subtitle subtitles.

But new developments in AI automate many of these tasks. Development of computer vision, speech for text and natural language change algorithms, make media, distribution and most importantly, media usage.

Search Voice

Sounds are the most natural way for people to communicate. Therefore, the use of voice search in the media increases.

While in India, voice is the dominant way to interact with computers – Google reports that Queries Hindi Voice 400% YoY. Media companies are interested in finding this claim – YouTube has voice and overnight search, Gaana also introduced voice assistants in mobile applications.

Sound questions are very different from traditional search. People ask like “Show me when Kohli makes a century” and try to find the right moment when Kohli scores. Traditional media can not do anything – game recording will be great, 4 hours plus monolithic files.

Some Kohli noted that the century was only a 2 minute clip on this file. This means that the clip must be created manually, which can not measure all questions that people will ask.
AI can change everything.

AI can analyze video frames with frames and quotes for words. Using face detection, AI can identify Kohli and the NLP algorithm can track the time when commentators announced the century. This determines the shortest portion of the video when it is likely that Kohli has calculated it for centuries.

This is a dynamically generated section, no manual edits, and can be played when the user returns a search query.

Media Conversation

Once the media can understand the voice interaction, it can start communicating with you. This is a great new way for this story.

Take a look at companies like Novel Effect, which creates a new experience of reading story books with children.

As you read books quickly, smart voice recognition remains parallel and AI automatically plays specially designed music such as thunder, violin or song at the right time to keep the children in the story.

The media is now talking to you, finding out and then creating something new. Is it still a book or another? What is the story or experience? AI is a traditional audio silo audio and video medium that can not be pulled and put it together into something different.

Adaptation Media

Personalize content all about suggestions. When recommending a video or audio you like, the media itself does not change for you.

In the future, the media will change itself and change it for you. With AI, production teams can provide more context to the media – location, user profile, file metadata and media-based can quickly change.

Try a simple example – There’s a rough movie. Traditionally, the editors will manually remove their clips to make it suitable for younger audiences.

Deep algorithms, in combination with calculus for text calculus, can detect the interactions and times used in the media automatically and appropriately.

The type of media accepts user input (the app can raise the question “What is your date of birth?” For users) and based on user input, dynamic viewers are not harmful if the user is under 18, though not. The keywords here are dynamic – happen quickly, without human intervention.

Awakening of Intelligence Content

Traditional media infrastructure can not support all of these cases and therefore make smart content the primary priority of all media houses.

Instead of storing media as a monolithic file that does not know, companies can get AI looking for files for smart labels, transcriptions and classifications. It makes the media fit and ready for the future of voice search and exciting new experiences.

Hiring Poses Many Challenges is fixing the technology


In an article on the biggest challenge, entrepreneur Entrepreneur.com, Larry Alton states “troop building” as one of the most important.

He balances off taking the right team for a start, meaning even for those who have management experience. These are all more challenging when you’ve spread the resources and look for quick additions.

This is not just a challenge that just started.

Even big businesses with bonkers are struggling with disputes over hiring senior candidates.

For this article, I returned to HARO to hear from entrepreneurs facing challenges. I want to know that technology can be a great tool to improve the hierarchy that will start.

There are many ways in which to use technology to improve recruitment.

Filter candidates.

Apply for project there is no solid process for the candidate. There are bots that complain candidates can submit thousands of projects at once. When it simplifies the process for the seekers, it can create a swimming process for recruiters.

Simon Oldham, the founder of Dallas-based software recruitment QJumpers, said there are several ways technology can help with this problem.

For example, many Application Tracking Systems (ATSs) now have an automatic filtering option that removes or removes candidates according to the rules set by the recruiter.

Recruiters can also arrange talent pipes in order to be rewarded whenever there are new candidates that meet the criteria specified in the database, says Oldham.

In some cases, the publisher of the perpetrator surpasses what is written in the resume. Joe Edwards, the executive director of the W3 consulting firm, has suggested a “losing question” question if you want to know if a wager wants to travel, a sponsor’s visa, and more.

You also want to try English candidates. The company built a “bot” at the house called “Arnie” who could alert the clerk and ask the answered questions before the candidate who turned to the hacker.

Edwards said this helped the company reduce the screening time of candidates by 80 percent.

Goals are better.

Submit vacancies on a public project booth as the reason for the dispatch should be done through thousands of apps. When large businesses may have bandwidth for candidate filtering, this can not always bootstrapped at startup.

There are several other ways to be sold in order to include candidates who have the conditions without applying from thousands of applicants. This strategy can reach any of your time but also worth it.

Brandon Howard of Nashville Based on All Web Needs I have suggested that the number of aspiring candidates who self-esteem in designing the web also do not know how to code; something the agency wants.

He visited the traditional recruitment model and used Twitter only. Twitter’s Voice, Howard finds people who can tell about topics that are just experts in the areas discussed in detail.

Karla Singson, who has various businesses, advised Facebook Facebook to send openings. This is to reduce the number of applications you receive.

For example, you can open an ad to correct the openings to the Facebook user list list. He said this strategy had helped him project target applicants to be effective enough.

The interview process.

Singing interviews were discovered a few months ago, mainly because of video conferencing like Skype.

Charlotte Brown, international business strategist and Chief Executive Officer at VSNRY, suggested several tool technology alternatives that could make the interview process much better.

She suggested Calendly’s rich appointments toolkit for the interview schedule. This is really useful if you take a candidate from the time zone. An interview slot in that case can be confusing.

Calendly manages different time zones and can join other calendars so that triggers can schedule interviews while handling other responsibilities in the work.

They also suggest replacing Skype with Zoom.us tools mainly because video conferencing tools have the ability to take notes; features that are quite important when posting project applicants.

Combine new recruiters.

The final step in the recruitment process is onboarding and new worker training. Learning management systems as one of the most popular tools for onboarding.

This is a software product that provides a managed business way to trace employees. In addition, lots of pitches with gami.